Samburu Safari!


IMG20160311160012We had such an amazing time in Samburu last week on my very first safari! Living in Kenya , the heart of African Savannah ,and its reputation for rich wildlife,  this trip to the wild has been long overdue and I couldn’t be more excited!

My friends and I visited Buffalo Springs National Reserve that is part of the larger Samburu National Reserve located on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro river in Kenya.The park is 131 km² in size and is situated 350 kilometers from Nairobi,Kenya. About a 7 hour drive from Nairobi. Buffalo Springs is home to the rare and endangered Gravy’s Zebra(the prettier one) the reticulated giraffe , plenty elephants and many more!

At about 6:30 in the morning in the hands of our very friendly and expert guide Kim, we embarked on our adventure! The drive to Samburu is a beautiful one, we drove past River Sagana, scenic Mount Kenya,right past the Equator and the golden expansive wheat farms of Nanyuki that remind me very much of countryside France!

We arrived our destination,the beautiful and lush Ashnil Samburu Camp,that is located in a beautiful tropical oasis part of the National Reserve because of the adjacent river around 3PM, in 35 degree heat so you can imagine our delight when the staff welcomed us with a big smile and a glass of cold fresh juice! I was loving my stay already!

After check in, we had our late lunch and then relaxed awaiting our first afternoon game drive scheduled for 4PM!IMG-20160314-WA0022.jpg edit

bnwIMG20160311074625 (1)


IMG-20160314-WA0035.jpg croc editMuch later on our drive back to camp when the temperatures had cooled down, we ran into this guy in the middle of the road on a hunting mission but we had to interrupt!This picture does not do this beautiful beast justice!

IMG20160311180055The beautiful Samburu sunset marked the end of a beautiful day!Day 2 had more animal sightings , rogue elephant and much more and I’ll fill you in on every detail!

Lots of love,



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