A little catch up!

Oh My!

Where to even begin! I cannot believe it’s been 2 months since I sat in front of my computer to write on my blog. So much has happened, I can’t wait to fill you in!

I finally completed my final exams for my law school , and admittedly had one of the toughest months yet! The pressure was immense, I was battling the fear of failure, it really did feel like I wouldn’t make it to the other side! I am so glad that’s over! That was partly the reason I was not writing , I felt I had to concentrate all my efforts on the exams.

April however, was one of my luckiest months yet! I won an all expenses paid trip to South Africa courtesy of Capital FM Kenya!!! (what?!!) South Africa is on my travel bucket list so its unbelievable that I’ll get a chance to visit! I will go on the trip later this year and of course I’ll bring you guys with me.

I will also be spending the summer this year in Warsaw, Poland which is super exciting! I visited Europe last year for the first time and absolutely fell in love and who wouldn’t?Everything is so beautiful!  So being in another part of Europe this summer and meeting some of my friends again will be a dream. This was yet another cool opportunity I got in my lucky month of April! I’ll be in Poland as part of a planning committee for an AIESEC conference that will be held in Warsaw.

I am so glad to be back writing again! I regret that I haven’t written in so long, but I’m glad to get back on the horse.

I’m in a new, slightly confusing but very exciting phase of life,now that I am done with school. But I am learning to enjoy the feeling of uncertainty that this period is giving me. It was quite nerve wrecking at first, not knowing what the next step is,and the uncertainty gave me slight anxiety, but I am learning to just go with the flow and just enjoy the process! I’m taking this opportunity to learn different things and explore the endless opportunities life brings my way!

I am curious to know what you all have been up to! Let me know in the comments 🙂

Also, I am currently obsessing  over the song ‘Don’t let me down’ by the Chainsmokers. I have had the song constantly on repeat the pat two weeks! 😀 Am I the only one? IMG20160214134520 blogIMG20160214144747IMG20160214164654IMG20160214165101

also, how cute is this desert?! 

Lots of love,



3 thoughts on “A little catch up!

  1. Juliet, Juliet….oooohhh sweet Juliet….it’s been quite a while…you really are living larger than life and I could not be any more proud of you girl….eti Capital FM did what?Daaammnn all this lucky dust on you, care to share?hehee. …I have a dream. To travel to every corner of this beautiful mother Earth. I am just praying that dream becomes reality…lucky for me I got you here to fill me in on the magnificent world out there, in the mean time hahaa…and you write oh sooo beautifully I just can’t wait to read your next post…soooo….till then….#kisses kisses kisses


    1. Oh girl!! Such kind words! You’ve made my day! I miss you! Thank you! I’ll continue to write and share share share. Keep an eye out for a log post coming soon with ways to travel the world! Could be just waht you’re looking for! 😉


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