How to salvage any lipstick!

Ever had a lipstick you can’t seem to work? No matter how you wear it, 1 coat, 2 coats? Well mine is Colour Pop in the shade “Avenue” I was really excited to get myself this one, it looked great on the packaging, and I was sure it was a winner, but as soon as I bought it I realised it wasn’t going to work for me. ย Avenue is red-brown, with an ever so subtle shimmer, and for most other people it looks divine!ย On my darker skintone however, looks dull and washed out.

Fast forward to yesterday on an innocent grocery shopping trip to Nakumatt where I cheekily got myself a Revlon Matte Lip paint in “Nude” I literally went into Nakumatt for Sliced Bread and Coconut Oil, and left with those AND a lipstick! I cannot be trusted around any place with a beauty section :p

Straight away started playing around with the Nude, and paired it with my good ol’ Colour Pop “Avenue” and Alas something new!I had managed to Salvage the disaster Colour Pop Lip Paint. By mixing the two I created an ombre effect, ย thus turning the washed out brown – red colour into the most gorgeous almost Pink Ombre shade!

I dare you to try this combo if you have a lippie lying around , that you bought with your hard earned cash, pair it with a nude to create a nice ombre effect and Voila!

Bonus tip ๐Ÿ˜‰ (This is also a great way to make a red lippie more versatile and wearable!)

How else do you salvage an impossible lippie? I would love to know!


My Dinasour sweatshirt came to play!


Colour Pop “Avenue” – here

REVLON ultraHD Matte LipcolourAny Nakumatt Beauty Section


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