Why you should visit The Forest!

There is almost nothing better than a little weekend getaway. What’s even better is a getaway that’s just a 45 minute drive from Nairobi! This weekend, I was out and about with a couple of friends and sister, to tick one thing off my bucket list : Ziplining

The Forest is the new ‘kid’ in town, opened about 6 months ago , is a breathtaking location in the heart of the Kereita Forest. I couldn’t believe I was just an hour away from the Noisy, Smoggy Tom Mboya street in the CBD. I was truly amazed that such a serene breathtaking place exists within such convenience! There’s all sorts of activities offered here,camping, biking, hiking, Ziplining and even archery. The real deal when looking for a weekend plan.

A little over 45 minutes we were at The Forest, greeted by breathtaking scenery and a fresh forest air, we were scheduled to have our 2 hour Zip tour at 2 PM.

My experience: If you haven’t ziplined before, nothing will prepare you for that first line. You will under estimate how long, how tall or how exhilirating the experience is! I was cussing all the way through, had my eyes shut almost the whole time and got to the other side teary eyed but with a HUGE grin on my face! And I wanted to do it AGAIN! I had 5 more times luckily!

Tip: If you have a GO Pro, carry it! It will be worth your while. I totally want to go back and document the experience on my Youtube channel.

Would I do it again?: Absolutely! For ziplining and all the other amazing activities The Forest offers!

Any regrets?: I only wish I took more photos!!

After the 3 hour adventure, we had a hearty buffet lunch that is offered on location at a very reasonable price and my life was made 🙂

What other places would you recommend for a weekend getaway that are not too far off? I would love to know and possibly visit!


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