Hellooo everyone! Welcome to my very first Blogmas!!

I was planning to start this on exactly 1st of December but life happened and I couldn’t do it then. Now, 6 days into December here we are, better late than never hey? 🙂

I was originally toying with the idea of having my  very first vlogmas on my YouTube channel, but quickly came to the realisation that my life’s too boring for that 😀 I wouldn’t want to subject anyone to endless videos of me sat behind my office computer typing away from 8AM to 7 PM!

So I came up with Blogmas! I don’t actually know many bloggers who’re doing it, I’m also yet to do my research(so don’t quote me on that). As the name ‘Blogmas’ suggests, there will be a blog post every day excluding Sundays leading up to Christmas! yay! I am shooting myself in the foot for missing 6 days already.

I’m so excited for this! I have planned out all the content, there will be a bit of fashion, beauty, life and Christmassy posts.

I am also hoping this little hobby will get me excited for Christmas. I’m one of those people whose Christmas feels like just another public holiday.  Lately I’ve been watching one too many vlogs by my favourite YouTubers doing all kinds of Christmassy stuff, I can’t help but feel left out of the Christmas cheer. Is it just me or does Christmas seems like such a big deal in the Western world?

Anyway , I digress, my point is, welcome to Blogmas Day 1! I hope you will enjoy this journey with me and my little corner of the internet.  See you bright and early tomorrow!IMG_20171113_133415IMG_20171113_133516IMG_20171113_133542IMG_20171113_134141



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